The nature of Clear Creek.

Hunting is a cherished past-time for all of us at Clear Creek—challenging your marksmanship and taking down something that's mantle-worthy and meal-worthy. But while we have an immense passion for the hunt and the great outdoors, the inspiration behind our operation has always been the camaraderie that comes with.

As a family-owned outfitter, it should come as no surprise that, we saw this property as an opportunity to help people make memories with those who are important to them.

The weekend you spent every year hunting with your brothers. The time you taught your son how to load his first shotgun. The stag party you threw your buddy. Or even the work outing that was instrumental in fostering team chemistry.

Like the saying goes, "there's more to fishing than catching fish." There's also a lot more to hunting than hitting the birds. If you ask us, strong lifetime bonds are built doing things like this, on days like this, with people like this.

From youth to retirees, rookies to seasoned vets, and first timers to sharp shooters—all are encouraged to give it a shot. 


Because years from now, when you're reminiscing about the "good old days," you're going to be talking about times like these.