Raising and training great Nebraska hunting dogs that hunt, point, and retrieve.

Nebraska hunting dogs
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A reliable hunting dog, labradors excel at several integral skills needed to perform.

Pointing Labs

Pointing labs have exceptional natural instincts and abilities for upland game hunting.

German Short-Hairs

A popular sporting dog, the German short-hair is a trusty companion and skilled hunter.

Nebraska hunting dogs




Pups Available in 2018

3 German Shorthair Females

Born- May 17, 2018

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Nebraska hunting dogs
Hunting dogs


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Nebraska hunting dogs


If you're ready to welcome a new member into the family but don't know where to start when it comes to training, you've come to the right place.

At Clear Creek Upland Game Lodge, we currently have 10 loyal and obedient hunting dogs here and no shortage of experience in training.

We've fine-tuned our process and place an adamant focus on discipline, intelligence, obedience, endurance, and temperament when we train our dogs.

Interested buyers can inquire further about our training services by contacting Kevin.